Aneta Wegrzyn was born 1987 in Poland. She is a recent graduate (2013) of the MFA program at the Montclair State University, and holds an MA in painting from Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (2011). Wegrzyn has had solo exhibitions at Pod Plafonem Gallery, Wroclaw, PL (2010); CK AGORA Gallery, Wroclaw, PL (2010); Gallery Pod Baszta in Jawor (2009), PL. She has been included in numerous international group exchibitons most recently This show means right now at MagnanMetz Gallery (2013), NY, NY and Pratt Falls 2011, Pratt Institute of Arts, NY,NY and at the BWA Gallery in Wroclaw, PL (2011). In 2010 Wegrzyn was awarded the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship, and is currently a Fulbright scholar living and working in Brooklyn.