14 days of smoke, time and space refection,

oil paint, cardboard, resin, 2015

Governor Island Art Fair, installation view


10 days on space, 20x20x8 in, oil, wooden panels, resin, 2015


10 days on space, 20x20x8 in, oil, wooden panels, resin, 2015

30 days of reflection.jpg

30 days of reflection, triptych, 39’ x 25” each, oil, ink and resin on wooden panels


A triptych. Each panel is a 24 by 36 inches, and consists of dozens of layers of resin and oil paint.  The resins on the surface send back an imperfect reflection, so as the viewer interacts with the triptych, moving through space, her reflection is continuously distorted.



moving through 16 layers of smoke, series of nine painitgs, 20”x16” each, oil and canvas


A series of nine paintings on canvas, each 16 by 20 inches. Flat surfaces and multiple layers build up the painting. Each is created by a specific repetetive process: painting brushless images of smoke and covering them with black glaze. Seen from a distance, a painting appears to be a flat, black surface. A closer looks reveals its layers, and, in the glossy, reflective surface, an image of the viewer herself. As the viewer moves, so does the painting.




installation, side view