observing the.... the small, marginal, in-between moments of non-self. Nothing is stable.  Everything is an event and relational.


Currently I am exploring these questions by focusing on the impossibility of capturing the unstable event of cigarette smoke. This is done by painting smoke events that do not belong to a specific place, have no context, or origin, and that could have been caused by anybody.


Because of the glossy resin surfaces, the paintings are inseparable from their environment- im making it glossy cuz i chose it.i choose mateirals to visual vconvey how the subject matter is inseperable from the space that occupies. looking, viewer gaze cought in the reflective surfacec, idea that we are all in the world. chaos, unstable. at the work they see themselves folded into the paintings through their reflected image. Viewers seestrhough the refl. image that they are part of , of the painting’s illusionary space we are part of.


my wrok reflects a personal exploration into the long and complex history.

 history of representation, is critical in this question. a crictal aspect of my process as a painter is the thought process of history painting, historicla aspect is critical in my process as a painitner. organized chaos.. In order to find a way to represent the transient, I study various techniques, and continue to search for new tools and mediums.  This process of painting often involves repetition and dozens of layers, and becomes a ritual or meditation upon the event of our experience of a fluid self sensing itself in the time of the process of representing the

by puttin ght viewer.... 

my work is a visualtion of the persuite of the transient, chaos, unstable..by 

harnessing the invible, finding races of the un-visible like smoke, or breath... 

i paint becouse...chaos theory

i chose smoke

materials iteract with the viewer so they become part of the same occupy spaces

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